E-TOLL Polish Road Toll System

Emtec EMTEC is an accredited supplier for the soon to be compulsory Polish E-TOLL system.

e-Toll is an advanced payment collection system for vehicles driven on toll roads in Poland. Payments are managed by tracking the vehicle position and sending this data to the e-Toll system for payment.

e-Toll uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to track vehicle position for toll road billing by the Polish authorities.

Needless to say, vehicle systems integrating with e-Toll must be accurate and reliable. Emtec has completed extensive testing and is now accredited as an e-Toll integrated technology provider.

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Emissions Monitoring and Reporting

Emtec offers a completely new approach to fleet and emissions management, emissions reporting and emissions tracking.

Emtec delivers robust and independently verified emissions data that meets UK Government Buying Standards (GBS) for transport and UK Accounting requirements.

This is the World's first technology that supports carbon reduction strategies for fleets and enables fleets to measurably reduce emissions in a way that is accurate, validated and compliant.

This means customers can

  • Accurately measure emissions across their fleet with real-time data on CO2 emissions, driver behaviour and vehicle performance
  • Report carbon footprint reductions compliant with UK Accounting Regulations
  • Model the impact (financial and environmental) of changing their fleet

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Carbon Trading

Emtec provides a vital technology link between voluntary carbon offset markets and end users of transportation-based carbon credits.

Emtec is prototyping a peer-to-peer carbon trading platform using blockchain Distributed Ledger Technologies to connect corporate offset buyers directly with the carbon credit sellers e.g., UK Local Authorities.

Emtec is a consulting group member of the international Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) which comprises over 400 global entities contributing to the creation of a transformational private sector carbon marketplace to combat climate change.

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About Emtec

Emtec has developed a cloud-based platform that receives data from connected vehicles via smart devices and manufacturers APIs, which can then be used to provide real time analysis of vehicle performance and driver behaviour. EMTEC provides data on vehicle location, trip history, driver behaviour, CO2 emissions as well as acceleration and hard braking metrics.

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Emtec Working with National Physical Laboratory

In summary, NPL have assessed the EMTEC petrol CO2 algorithm and believe it to be a justifiable approach to the calculation of CO2 emissions from vehicle onboard data, given the current values of selected parameters and the specific type of engines and fuels, and provided the car has sufficient amounts of driving data (at least 30 minutes) to reduce the level of error in estimation of total carbon emissions below 5%. For the specific testing profile and driving regimes considered, the cumulative error of the EMTEC petrol CO2 algorithm was 0.82% after a 2.5-hour test. This error is less than the 5% instrumental uncertainty stated in the specification of sensors.

Plese click here to read the full case study.

Why this matters

  • The UK Government's "Road to Zero" requires 39m fossil fuel vehicles to transform to electric vehicles by 2050 (100% of light fleet).
  • Transport emissions are rising 2.4% pa - pressure to reduce sooner is likely to increase.
  • UK Accounting Regulations April 2019 reinforce the Climate Act 2008 reduction requirements.
  • UK Government Buying Standards (GBS) - mandatory for Central Government department and Best Practice for others (including suppliers).
  • CDP (www.cdp.net) and SBTi (https://sciencebasedtargets.org) - 50% and 80% publicised ambitions for 5-year Reduction Planning.

Emtec Expertise

Vehicle Data Visualization

The Emtec dashboard and reports provide clear visual displays for managing your vehicle fleet.

Electric Vehicle Management

Monitoring energy use, managing battery life and range, controlling charging patterns and measuring CO2 emissions saved.

Fleet Optimization

Whole life cost calculator aligned with actual vehicle usage data to optimise fleet composition across multiple fuel types.

Industry Experienced Mathematicians

Emtec algorithms underpin our fleet reporting suite and provide independent validation of the carbon statutory reporting requirements.

Emtec displayed on iPhone
Automotive Engineers

Highly experienced automotive engineers employed by Emtec to constantly enhance our connected car technology to optimise data use around vehicle performance.

Fleet Management Consultancy

Working with our selected partners to provide wide ranging expertise across all areas of fleet management, composition and cost to support smart business decisions.

Dynamic Technology

Global software development team deploying latest technology across best of class service providers.


To learn how Emtec can help you track and report vehicle performance standards, please contact us.

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