Contact Tracing App - Covid-19

Covid-19 Contact Tracing

EMTEC is collaborating with a hospital medical team to develop a contact proximity tracing application which can be used by hospitals and other organisations to manage the impact of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

The EMTEC software development team has extensive experience of vehicle tracking using GNSS location data and Bluetooth and will be able to deploy people tracing technology onto its existing cloud-based platform using apps installed on mobile phones.

The project team is developing analysis methods that can identify users, localise them based on triangulation with the aid of Wi-Fi signals inside buildings and then applying machine learning methods to build a true contact graph with probabilities. For example, not only staff in contact with COVID-19 patients will be high risk but also the people that interact with them. The immediate goal of the contact tracing is to be able to trace back all high-risk contacts when a new infection is determined and implement targeted testing. Contact tracing is a critical technology to manage staff levels and keep hospitals and other companies operational while managing risk.

The project has an essential priority on establishing and observing the privacy protection issues required by management and staff. The privacy protection analysis will be based on USA Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPS) and European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure global viability.

The solution will be ready for wider global community deployment by September 2020.

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CO2 Monitoring and Reporting

Emtec has worked with teams at Exeter University and the Environmental Impact Lab to create a methodology that accurately reports carbon emissions.

Emtec reporting is compliant with UK Accounting Regulations and Government Buying Standards for Transport from 2019 onwards.

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Emtec technology provides scientifically accurate information for estimation of carbon emissions...more

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In summary, NPL have assessed the EMTEC petrol CO2 algorithm and believe it to be a justifiable approach to the calculation of CO2 emissions from vehicle onboard data, given the current values of selected parameters and the specific type of engines and fuels, and provided the car has sufficient amounts of driving data (at least 30 minutes) to reduce the level of error in estimation of total carbon emissions below 5%. For the specific testing profile and driving regimes considered, the cumulative error of the EMTEC petrol CO2 algorithm was 0.82% after a 2.5-hour test. This error is less than the 5% instrumental uncertainty stated in the specification of sensors.

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Vehicle Data Visualization

The Emtec dashboard and reports provide clear visual displays for managing your vehicle fleet.

Electric Vehicle Management

Monitoring energy use, managing battery life and range, controlling charging patterns and measuring CO2 emissions saved.

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Whole life cost calculator aligned with actual vehicle usage data to optimise fleet composition across multiple fuel types.

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Emtec algorithms underpin our fleet reporting suite and provide independent validation of the carbon statutory reporting requirements.

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Automotive Engineers

Highly experienced automotive engineers employed by Emtec to constantly enhance our connected car technology to optimise data use around vehicle performance.

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Working with our selected partners to provide wide ranging expertise across all areas of fleet management, composition and cost to support smart business decisions.

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