About Emtec

EMTEC’s goal is to fight transport-based emissions and pollution through the use of metrics. We have developed a cloud-based platform that receives data from connected vehicles via smart devices, which can then be used to provide real time analysis of vehicle performance and driver behaviour. EMTEC provides data on vehicle location, trip history, driver behaviour, CO2 emissions as well as acceleration and hard braking metrics.

A UK based start-up, founded in July 2017 EMTEC has a team of 19 people spread across the UK, Europe and Kenya. 

EMTEC technology products and services will be a significant step forward in helping corporations to understand their fleets’ financial and environmental footprints. Emtec’s data solutions with automated analysis displayed in Emtec’s dashboard, provides a comprehensive overview that puts organisations in control, helps better decision-making, reducing overall financial costs and accelerating a reduction in their carbon footprint by making it easier to understand the electric and hybrid vehicle and financial options available. To find out more about our services please click here.

To learn how Emtec can help you track and report vehicle performance standards, please contact us.

The EMTEC Leadership Team

Martin Wedge – Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Managing Director of OVL Group Ltd, a major car finance partner with Lex Autolease, Arval, Leaseplan, Santander and Hitachi.

Keith Mullock – Co-Founder & COO

Board Director and investor with extensive experience in the media, retailing and technology sectors having worked at divisional board level within a number of global entertainment groups including News Corp, Time Warner and Universal Inc.

John White – Co-Founder & CCO

30+ years in a variety of roles within the insurance and risk sector, having worked alongside top professionals at H Clarkson, Sedgwick, Marsh and JLT. Senior roles include Sales Leadership for Marsh across 23 European countries.

David Wedge – Technical Director and Co-Founder

More than 30 years in the Automotive Engineering sector with a wide range of experience including; Race Car Engineering, OEM vehicle launch events, drivetrain development for road vehicles, race cars and hypercars, and electronics product development in the GSM and GNSS fields.

Andrew Cox – Business and Data Analyst

Mathematics graduate with a Masters degree and experience in handling and visualising data, finding and analysing patterns and computational modelling.

Manolis Ragkousis – Head of Technology

Highly experienced software engineer specialising in cloud technology, systems architecture and IoT (internet of things).

Steve Tiley – Non Executive Director

Steve, is a driven entrepreneur with a proven success record in developing startup and SME organisations to become recognized multi-national brands. Over the past 20 years Steve has led and inspired teams in B2B organisations, and as well as founding his own European IT business, Theravada, has current Chairman and Directors positions in a select number of UK based companies. Steve’s focus is primarily in the IT, Environmental and Hospitality sectors. A passionate supporter of the need for Climate Change action, Steve is a Climate Change Leader within the Al Gore Climate Reality Foundation.

Eleanor Daggett – New Business Executive

Master’s graduate in International Relations and Politics with a keen drive to build a sustainable future and experience in research, fundraising and customer relations.

About Emtec

To learn how Emtec can help you track and report vehicle performance standards, please contact us.

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