About Emtec

EMTEC is a UK based start-up founded in July 2017 with currently a team of 19 people spread across the UK, Europe and Kenya. The goal of the company is to fight transport-based emissions and pollution through the use of metrics. We have developed a cloud-based platform that receives data from connected vehicles via smart devices, which can then be used to provide real time analysis of vehicle performance and driver behaviour. EMTEC provides data on vehicle location, trip history, driver behaviour, CO2 emissions as well as acceleration and hard braking metrics.

The transport sector now accounts for 24 per cent of the UK’s emissions. … To meet our 2050 target, almost every car and van (36.5m) will need to be zero emission by 2050. Source – UK Government” “There are two fundamental problems to be addressed. Transport is still the fastest growing area of carbon emissions, as the shift to electric vehicles is not happening fast enough; and mass system change, even with Government intervention, needs much greater customer demand“.

Emtec technology products and services will be a significant step forward in helping corporations to understand their fleets’ financial and environmental footprints. Emtec’s data solutions with automated analysis displayed in Emtec’s dashboard, provides a comprehensive overview that puts organisations in control, helps better decision-making, reducing overall financial costs and accelerating a reduction in their carbon footprint by making it easier to understand the electric and hybrid vehicle and financial options available.

Emtec is located in Exeter Science Park, London and Nairobi, Kenya.


Company Number 10857542

About Emtec

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