e-Toll Polish Road Toll System

Polish e-Toll integrated with Emtec

What is e-Toll?

e-Toll is an advanced payment collection system for vehicles driven on toll roads in Poland. Payments are managed by tracking the vehicle position and sending this data to the e-Toll system for payment.

How does e-Toll work?

e-Toll uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to track vehicle position for toll road billing by the Polish authorities. Needless to say, vehicle systems integrating with e-Toll must be accurate and reliable. Emtec has completed extensive testing and is now accredited as an e-Toll integrated technology provider.

What are the benefits of e-Toll with Emtec?

  • Automated location information for the Polish authorities to provide toll road billing
  • Automated vehicle check in. No need for the driver to stop and check in at each toll road
  • No more missed toll road payments and associated fines
  • Track your vehicles in real time and view data using the Emtec dashboard
  • In addition, benefit from the other Emtec telematics including co2 monitoring, driver behaviour and many more fleet efficiency metrics.

Device Certification

Only certified devices can integrate with the e-Toll system. Emtec has already achieved certification for its hardware. This means that Emtec customers have only to register their devices with the e-Toll system.


DevicePrice (Euros)Comments
Teltonika FMT100120.00Device wired into vehicle power system.
Teltonika FMP10085.00Device plugged into cigarette lighter/dashboard power outlet.
Teltonika FMB00195.00Device plugged into vehicle OBD 2 port.
Teltonika FMB00395.00Device plugged into vehicle OBD 2 port.
Teltonika FMB140 and E-Can connector155.00Device wired into vehicle power system.

The above prices include installation support, 2 months free data services and a minimum 2 year contract.

Monthly Data Services CostsPrice (Euros)Device Options
E-Toll Service only4.50Teltonika FMT100, FMP100
Fleet Management including vehicle trip and location reporting, driver behaviour, vehicle metrics and E-Toll Service.8.00Teltonika FMT100, FMP100
Fleet Management including vehicle trip and location reporting, driver behaviour, vehicle metrics, E-Toll Service and CO2 emissions reporting.10.00Teltonika FMB140,FMB001, FMB003 where OBD 2 port.
Other Services Available including Vehicle Diagnostics.12.00+Teltonika FMB140

To learn how Emtec can help you track and report vehicle performance standards, please contact us.

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