Dynamic Technology

The technology team of EMTEC consists of seven advanced software developers that code in Python and Clojure/Lisp programming languages using agile software development techniques and best practices.

Two senior developers have PhDs and therefore a solid grounding in research. In the context of vehicle tracking system (uk) and driver behaviour EMTEC has developed advanced mathematical algorithms together with the University of Exeter, Impact Lab, and the National Physical Laboratory. 

Emtec’s IoT platform, based on best-in-class providers like Amazon Web Services, is highly scalable and operational on a global basis. Our solution for fleet management software (uk) can be deployed quickly.

EMTEC uses a redundant second provider for the telematics and specialist cloud providers for secure database management.

EMTEC’s integration platform provides data security, data integrity checking and buffering. Data from the platform streamed into a high-throughput NOSQL database on AWS, then distributed into a searchable data store, streamed through data aggregation and the CO2 algorithm, then archived.

The searchable data store delivers data to the dashboard and allows for near real-time tracking of vehicle data.

A distributed system architecture incorporating the blockchain is purpose built to process carbon fund distribution.

Watch EMTEC’s short demo video here.

Dynamic Technology

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