Fleet Management Consultancy

EMTEC’s team combine their mathematical, automotive engineering and leasing expertise to deliver a consultancy based analysis of existing fleet costs and car emissions aligned to all change options available.

The skills within our fleet management business help our clients plan and implement cost effective and timely transformation plans that meet UK Accounting Regulations for Environmental Carbon Reporting.

Key elements of the service include comparison across conventional, hybrid and electric vehicle options, values of vehicles, leasing costs over various periods, benefits in kind to drivers, NIC taxation on company, operational costs, congestion charges, insurance costs, emissions monitoring and emissions benchmarked against EU and UK regulatory standards.

This consultancy service does not require use of EMTEC’s telematics products, though can be enhanced by them, and has no bias towards powertrain types or automotive manufacturers. 

Watch EMTEC’s short demo video here.

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Fleet Management Consultancy

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