How It Works

The Emtec algorithm

The Emtec algorithm is a unique and proprietary real time carbon emissions algorithm that has been co-created with Exeter University and the Environment Futures and Big Data Impact Lab.

The algorithm replicates actual real time emissions of vehicle and receives independent validation by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

The methodology meets UK Government Buying Standards (GBS) for Transport and UK Accounting requirements.

Technical Details

  • Independent OBD device and/or connected technology stream in real-time from vehicle
  • Data transmitted via SIM card or vehicle API direct to Emtec platform
  • Emtec has a scalable application platform based on best-in-class providers like Amazon Web Services
  • Additionally, Emtec uses a redundant second provider for the telematics and specialist cloud providers for secure database management
  • Emtec‘s integration platform provides data security, data integrity checking and buffering
  • Data from the platform streamed into a high-throughput NOSQLdatabase on AWS, then distributed into a searchable data store streamed through data aggregation and the CO2 algorithm, then archived
  • The searchable data store delivers data to the dashboard and allows for near real-time tracking of vehicle data
  • ISO 27001 certification underway

Key Deliverables to Finance Teams

The Emtec analysis team provide accurate and reportable CO2 emissions with benchmarks set against UK Government Buying Standards (95 and 147 g/km from 2020) and EU/UK ‘Fleet Average’ future guidelines.

The analysis can help with the establishment of SECR Benchmark Year and relevant footprint calculation as well as SECR 5 Year Reduction Planning reports.

We provide clients with monthly Reduction Plan Benchmarking to achieve desired results and all data is externally validated by experts to ensure satisfaction of Accounting Regulations.

Key Deliverables to fleet management departments

As well as all of the key Deliverable to Finance Teams outlined above, the Emtec system offers insight into:

  • Driver behaviour and safety
  • Trip history and visual journey replay
  • Tracking the vehicle asset
  • Selection of vehicles most suited to accelerate emission level reduction
  • Vehicle selection options for operational/emissions requirements
  • Vehicle performance and maintenance monitoring – 32 data fields accessible
  • Charging point infrastructure planning
  • Energy Management of electric fleet

To learn how Emtec can help you track and report vehicle performance standards, please contact us.

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