A telematics device that fits into all personal and commercial vehicle types manufactured anywhere in the world, and delivers smart, encapsulated data on vehicle and driver performances to the “SmartFleetCloud (SFC)” interface.

The SFC interface (in dashboard format) that receives and decodes the telematic device data. This system’s output delivers standard and bespoke reports enabling Fleet managers and Finance Directors to overview their vehicles’ and drivers’ performance in real time. It also enables them to easily plan for the transformation from conventional engines to electric by providing live feed, filtered information on every vehicle type (conventional, electric, hybrid) available to them that matches the criteria of the current vehicles’ size, value, use and total cost of running including government to corporate subsidies for vehicles and charging infrastructures, including employee tax positions. SFC also provides management information relating to vehicle dwell-times in tracked geographic locations to enable planning for electric charging infrastructure and best-fit to type 1, 2 or 3 charging systems.

SFC continuously updates the list of competitive suppliers delivering infrastructure, enabling decision-makers to select suppliers and issue RFPs to obtain best deals for installation and operating tariffs.


Through SFC all Emtec clients will have access to a full set of record and report ingredients for a monthly cost per vehicle fitted with the devices.

Information relating to CO2 emissions is produced by the Emtec systems with all processes and information outputs validated by an independent Verifier. This validation enables the end user to report their fleet emissions in accordance with the five core principles of the Greenhouse Gases Protocol.

Each individual driver will have access to their own vehicle records and performance via a mobile phone application, including service alerts and breakdown assistance.

The SFC system also provides up to date vehicle manufacturing and government regulation news, and provides benchmarking of financial lease rates per vehicle type to assist decision-making.

For an additional cost the client will have the ability to access predictive modelling based on driver performances to enhance overall driver safety and reduce corporate asset and liability risks due to poor driving habits.


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